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Tarneem Hammad

MA in Intercultural Communication and Education

Tarneem lives in Gaza. She studied English Language and Literature at Al-Azhar University and then worked as a teacher and translator. Currently she works with AMideast, the well-known American educational organisation as a language instructor and helping students develop their study skills.

Because of Covid-19, her course in Durham will begin in January 2021.

Tarneem is a writer. She writes for the internationally known ‘We Are Not Numbers’ platform that enables young Palestinians to publish their work. She has a blog and has written for the important current affairs site Mondoweiss and other news outlets. She is very proud that her essay, ‘Dear Blockade’, that described life in Palestine for the benefit of western readers, won the Gaza Unlocked competition run by the American Friends Service Committee.

Her passion is education and she looks forward to contribute in the future to research and development in education in Palestine. Her vision and hope is to facilitate curriculum and staff development and to encourage mutually advantageous collaboration between schools and colleges and the many international NGOs that work in Palestine.

Tamam Mohsen

MA in Politics and International Relations

Tamam is a graduate of the Islamic University of Gaza where she studied Journalism and Information. She lives in the Jabalia refugee camp in Gaza.

For the past 4 years Tamam has worked as a journalist with the Shms News website. She has worked on news, humanitarian issues, features and is particularly interested in writing about women’s issues.

In addition to her full-time job she writes independently and has published pieces in several international websites such as Al-Monitor based in Washington DC.

She enjoys learning about different cultures and languages and hopes her degree will strengthen her skills and determination to promote the development of women journalists in Palestine. In her voluntary work, she has organised both training and creative writing sessions for aspiring journalists and events that bring together writers, entrepreneurs and publishers. Her commitment is to the development of informed journalism in Palestine and to build contacts with global media organizations in order to help people in Palestine understand the world of international politics and for people overseas to know more about Palestine.