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During the Corona-19 virus pandemic it has not been possible to hold our popular Book Sales.

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Wafaa Alijla

MSc in Civil Engineering

Wafaa is a civil engineer from Gaza who will study for her MSc in Civil Engineering in Durham. She is a graduate of the University of Palestine.

Since graduation in 2018, she has worked on data collection about Gaza’s water wells including (wells profiles, designs, soil structure, and water quality) and analysed spatial data through the use of GIS software.  She has worked, too, teaching civil engineering courses to undergraduates.

Like many Palestinian youths, Wafaa has been an advocate for community service promoting climate change awareness and increasing women’s representation in local councils through different NGOs. 

Her interests are in geo-technical engineering aimed at supporting sustainable development and well being and to conserve natural resources. The management of water supplies is at the centre of her concerns. Based on her experience in Academia, she hopes, too, to gain skills that will help her improve students study skills in the field of civil engineering in Palestinian universities.

Arwa Alzraiy 

MA in Education

Arwa will study for the degree of MA in Education. She is a graduate of  Al Azhar University in Gaza where she studied English Literature and Education. Since graduation she has worked as a teacher of English  UNWRA schools where she became head of English Language committee in her area. She has worked for seven years part-time as an independent contractor with Amideast teaching a range of English skills and with the American international school in Gaza teaching English, social studies, maths and science to fourth graders. She is a socially active educator.

During the covid pandemic, she volunteered to help create and evaluate online materials for students of the Gaza Strip and she’s now part of the local school community to raise awareness of the health protocol in her city.  She has monitored community service projects and taught English to disadvantaged children.

During 11 years of work in education, she has followed courses of professional development and drawn inspiration from the students she has worked with.  She is clear that since Gaza is always in a state of emergency, research and innovation in education have been marginalised.  She dreams of a free country and of contributing largely to a better future for education.

Her interests focus on language acquisition. Her belief is that English language is extremely essential for socio economic transitions to create global citizens. Nonetheless, the current policies and methods do not reflect this understanding. She hopes her work in Durham will help her to reform teacher development as the key to constructing 21st century mindsets in Palestine.