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Apply for a Master’s Scholarship

Apply for a Master’s Scholarship

All correspondence about scholarships (including submission of application forms) should be sent to [email protected]

Get our application form

• Click on Application Form link below (after 01 December) to download the form in MS Word format.
• When the form appears, SAVE AS a new MS Word file and choose a name to give it.
• Before starting to fill in the form, read carefully the Advice to Applicants webpage and the Trust’s marking system on Page 7 of the form.
• Fill in the form ‘on screen’ and SAVE it.
• Send your completed application form to [email protected] as a file attachment to a brief email between 01 January and 30 March 2024. Late applications or applications sent in any other way will NOT be accepted.
• Keep a copy of your completed application form for your reference. This will also provide a back-up in case of problems.

Click the link below to get the application form for our 2024 Master’s Degree scholarships
(n.b. this link is available only between 01 December 2023 and 30 March 2024)

Acknowledgement of receipt

• We will acknowledge receipt of your application.
• If it is accepted as a valid application, we will give you a reference number that you should use in all further correspondence.
• Email us if we have not replied within 5 days.

English language test

Your scholarship application will NOT be accepted if you do not possess an acceptable certificate of English language proficiency, usually IELTS (Academic) awarded after 01 October 2022. Your scores must be at the level required by the Master’s course for which you are applying.

Test results are normally notified after 15 days. Thus, the latest date you can take a test to submit your scholarship application by 30 March is on or about 22 February. But, if possible, take an earlier test because each test session can take only a limited number of applicants and sometimes a test session is cancelled.

You must apply at least 2 weeks in advance to register for the test. When you receive your test results, enter them on your scholarship application form and send this to us. Later we will ask for scan of your certificate.