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Eman Abukousa

MA in Education

Eman (26 yrs) is a graduate in Education (Methods of Teaching English Language) of the Al-Aqsa University in Gaza. In Durham, she will study for an MA in Education focusing her work on the use of IT in teaching and learning (Technology Enhanced Learning). She has worked as a teacher in UNWRA schools and as an English language trainer as well as working with children with special needs. She has used both film and drama to encourage young people to enjoy English literature and to speak the language with greater confidence. She is keen to learn more about creative and innovative methods of teaching. She comes from a large family that despite the tribulations of war and the passing away of parents supports all her efforts to continue her education.

Nawras Ateeq

MSc in Management (International Business)

Nawras (23 yrs) is a graduate in Business Administration from Bir Zeit University in the West Bank. She worked in marketing and public relations in an Investment and Agricultural marketing company. She is keen to improve Palestinian exports and to encourage the growth of co-operative enterprises. She is skilful in the use of social media and has been an active volunteer in providing help and support to the people of Gaza rebuilding lives in the aftermath of war. In Durham she is studying in the Business School for an MSc in International Business. Nawras enjoys walking in the Palestinian countryside with the ‘hike and explore your homeland’ team. She enjoys meeting people from NGOs and fair trade organizations attempting to support development in Palestine and reconstruction in Gaza.

Bahaaeddin Attaallah

MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience

Bahaa (25yrs) is a graduate in Medicine from the Gaza based Al-Azhar branch of the Al Quds University-Abu Dis. He has worked as an intern in Ministry of Health hospitals in Gaza and with UNWRA. In Durham, he will study the MSc course in Cognitive Neuroscience. His aim is to return to Palestine to develop this branch of clinical practice. As a student, he became the Secretary General of the Gaza branch of the International Federation of Medical Students Association (IFMSA). He helped encourage medical students to undertake voluntary work in the communities of Gaza. Bahaa likes writing: poems and short stories as well as non-fiction. He is keen to continue his reading in philosophy and sociology and to learn the guitar.