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eBay donations

eBay donations

Benefits of eBay for Charity

  • Not only can you make a difference by donating between 10% and 100% of your item’s final selling price, but you also benefit from your listing really standing out. Your listing will be marked with the special blue and yellow ribbon and this Trust’s logo.
  • Buyers can choose to search both on the main eBay site and the eBay for Charity hub page. Often this can mean more bids and even more selling success!

How it works

Selling for charity is like selling anything on eBay – but with one additional twist. You need to register with PayPal Giving Fund, the UK charity that eBay uses to make sure your donation reaches your chosen charity.


  • Get the set up through the normal eBay Sell Your Item form – just select “Donate a percentage to charity” in the “How You’re Selling” part of the form. You’ll be asked to choose a charity, and will then be taken through the quick and simple PayPal Giving Fund registration.
  • Or, you can register with Missionfish in advance. Click on this link to the PayPal Giving Fund site now. You’ll then be fully set up for the next time you sell on eBay.

Two types of eBay charity supporters

  • Community sellers : anyone who sells on eBay. You can choose to donate between 10% and 100% of your sale price to this Trust. N.B. minimum donation per listing is £2 so take care with cheaper items!
    • Direct sellers : A charity or anyone who chooses to sell only for a charity. 100% of sale price comes to this Trust.

Volunteer Vacancy

Would you like to become an Ebay Direct Seller for DPET?

If you might be interested, please email DPET. We can tailor the job to your own circumstances and supply you with goods to sell.

See brief description of Direct Seller at foot of previous column.

Thank you

In the last 12 months we have received over £500 through eBay donations.

Thankyou especially to aklbrown10 and tweedvergen. We don’t know who you are but we certainly appreciate the percentage donations you have given us recently.