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Some details about our current and former scholarship holders are available from the links in the left-hand column of this page.

It has been a great delight to have every one of these students living amongst us in Durham.

We are proud of their academic success here and of their efforts to help staff and students of Durham University, and the wider community, learn more about the history, culture and hopes of the Palestinian people.

We wish them all well in their own lives and in the contributions we know they will make to a prosperous Palestine.

Keep in touch

We want to keep in touch with all our former students, including those who came to Durham from 1984 to 1999 for one year of their undergraduate courses with a Durham Birzeit Studentship Fund scholarship.

In the years before the widespread use of email and during the many upheavals in Palestine, it was not easy to maintain contact. We would love to hear from you If you obtained one of our scholarships during that period. Just email us for a warm welcome!

We have a growing community of former scholars working in Palestine who, we hope, will help each other as well as this Trust and Durham University.